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Katie Adams is a Realtor in the Boyle, Athabasca, Smoky Lake to Edmonton and surrounding areas... Lake & Country Realtor | Area Specialist | Lifestyle Marketing

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4 Things To Look For When Buying A Home

Number 1LocationAre you looking to live in a big city, small town or even the country?Make a list of your wants and needs for where you want to live.Number 2The NeighborhoodOnce you have found the

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7 Real Estate Buyer Myths Busted

Seven Real Estate Buyer Myths BustedIt doesn’t really matter what industry you're in there are always myths surrounding the ins and outs of the practice. We’ve all heard that doctors are

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My Adventures At The Edmonton Renovation Show

I attended the Edmonton Renovation Show with my oldest daughter. I’m very lucky she likes to come with me to these shows.  One of the biggest reasons I like to attend the show is to see what

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How To Buy Your First Home

So, you’re ready to buy your first home.Do you know where to start? It can be very overwhelming. Don't worry I am here to walk you through the steps. I have been where you are and that is one of

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